Show/hide multiple boards navigation



10 months ago

When you add multiple bords, the main url shows you all the available boards. You can also see a dropdown where you can switch boards.

It would be great to be able to have multiple boards, without the option to switch between them (so they are only accessible through an direct url).

Main goal is to make multiple boards, but not making the visible for everyone


Emil Bryggare

9 months ago

@Pascal thanks for your suggestion. If I understand you correctly you want to only allow access to boards by URL.

For example

What would you expect to show in this scenario? And why do you want users not to be able to switch between boards? Just trying to understand the use case here. 😊


9 months ago

Good question!

My case is that I want multiple boards, but they don't have to know the existence of the others. I am making multiple boards for multiple clients to gather their ideas. But I think the solution is to "just" create multiple accounts of Convas. In that case they will all have their own subdomain. So problem solved.

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