Tailwind, Radix and Shadcn


25 days ago

You may have noticed slight changes in our design today! 🚀 I'm thrilled to announce that we have successfully migrated our styling and components from Chakra to Tailwind, Radix Primitives, and Shadcn. This has been a significant undertaking and a long-standing priority for us. The migration paves the way for various enhancements, including custom themes/colors, improved accessibility throughout the application, and enhanced performance.

We caught a Tailwind! A big shoutout to the talented individuals behind Tailwind, Radix, Shadcn, and Chakra for their outstanding contributions.

Upgraded to Remix v2


about 2 months ago

Convas is built using Remix, a React framework. We invested heavily in Remix from the beginning, and the framework has undergone significant improvements since we adopted it. Today we updated Convas to Remix v2! We want to give a big shoutout to the Remix team for making the upgrade process seamless. We hope this will enable us to deliver an even better experience to you and your users.

Nested comments, mark as duplicate and @mentions

about 2 years ago

Nested comments

It is now possible to reply to comments. The original comment will be nested as a block quote within the reply.

Mark as duplicate

Happy to announce that it is now possible to mark posts as duplicates.

The duplicate post will automatically be closed. Links are added to both the duplicate and the duplicated post.

Mention people in comments

It is now possible to mention people, like @Emil Bryggare in the comments.

Custom status and auto-login

over 2 years ago

Early preview of the "Auto-Login" feature. This feature allows you to automatically log in users using a javascript snippet inside your app, this is a great user experience when combined with our Widget and makes it much easier for your users to share feedback. Take a look at the documentation and give it a try.

Custom Status for posts. It's now possible to add, edit and remove post statuses for your company.

You are able to configure a status to be:

  • Hidden from your customers, good for closed / spam.

  • Selected by default in the post listing.

  • Visible on the roadmap

  • Any color of your choosing

  • You can configure this in the Admin View -> Settings -> Status.

Improved admin view with Timeline & Users

over 2 years ago

Hi there! Hope you are doing well. 👋

Just wanted to share what's new this week. We have improved the admin view with two new features based on feedback from our fantastic customers.

Timeline view

The Timeline view will let you see recent posts, comments, and votes for your feedback board. It's a great way for a quick glance at all the new feedback coming in.

Users view

The Users view allows you to see a list of all your tracked users and sort them by the number of posts, votes, and comments. This can be used to reward customers that are helping you build better products by sharing their thoughts or just getting their email for a private conversation.

Oh, and please share any feedback at https://feedback.convas.io.

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the rest of the week.

Social login, platform upgrade, and more improvements

over 2 years ago

I'm happy to announce that we just shipped these awesome improvements for you:

- Tag color and name are now editable.
- Login using a "magic link" sent to email to make it easier for your customers to share feedback.
- Social login with Google and Github.
- and a lot more minor improvements.

Also, we upgraded our tech platform which brings the following benefits:
- Improved performance.
- Improved accessibility.
- Improved developer experience making future improvements faster.

Oh, and please share any feedback at https://feedback.convas.io or reply to this email.

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