Make anonymous users not anonymous anymore




2 years ago

There are a lot of "Anonymous" users. Is is possible to make them not anonymous anymore?

Users make an account with their e-mailaddres, bu are not requested to input their name.

Some suggestions:

1) Ask their name when they login

2) use everything before the @-sign of the emailaddress

3) make it possible for the admin to fill in the name



Emil Bryggare

2 years ago

Hi Pascal,

Great suggestions again. Jotting down my quick thoughts as well.

  1. For admin users we could show the email if the name is empty.

  2. For regular users, we do not want to expose personal information about a user that they do not expect to be publically shared. One way to fix this could be for a company to select if they want to allow anonymous users or not and then force the name to be filled in.

  3. I'm not too keen on allowing admins to fill in the name, as this is something that is unexpected by regular users. Suddenly they are called John Doe...



2 years ago

I understand #3, that's something that privacy-wise is not good

#2 & #1 would be great!

Users are contacting us that they want to contact to other (anonymous) users, but they can't, because they don't know who it is. Again: It's maybe not a common use for your platform, but we are using it as an ideation platform for a closed community

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