Make Admin View Default for Admins


Sean Francis

almost 2 years ago

It is a little annoying to constantly switch back into admin view. This wouldn't be as big an annoyance if switching to admin view within an open post did not take the user out of the post they were on.


Emil Bryggare changed the status to Planned

over 1 year ago

Emil Bryggare

12 months ago

@Sean Francis this makes a lot of sense. We improved this so that

  • if you login as an admin your are redirected to the same page but in admin view.

  • if you switch to the admin view (while logged in) when viewing a post, you are sent to the admin view for that post.

Emil Bryggare changed the status to Completed

12 months ago


12 months ago

Nice! Feels so much better, like it was meant to be this way.

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