Intégration with ClickUp


Guillaume Cougard

10 months ago

We miss a proper integration with ClickUp to switch from Canny (huge opportunity since they are massively increasing prices…)


Emil Bryggare

10 months ago

Yes, we are missing this at the moment.

Which features from the integration did you use when using Canny?

  1. Creating ClickUp tasks from Canny posts

  2. Connecting ClickUp tasks to Canny posts

  3. Syncing Statuses

Are there any other features you would like to see in this integration?

Guillaume Cougard

10 months ago

All the 3! All are equally important honestly... But probably 2, 3, 1 in priority order.

Without it (same for Jira integration honestly), it makes it very cumbersome to use Convas.
And personal status was great... until they quadrupled their prices 😭

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