Export/Download data from Convas


Henry Le

about 1 year ago

Context: Sometimes I want to export all data (posts, comments, files) from Convas to local files for backup or other reporting uses.

I would like to propose a button for this.

Thanks team!


Emil Bryggare

about 1 year ago

Good idea!

We can export each table from our database as a CSV with your data.
Is it enough with absolute URLs to the media files in the CSV or as images in a zip file?

Henry Le

about 1 year ago

Absolute URLs to the media file included in the CSV together with the posts would be great! Thanks Emil!

Henry Le

7 months ago

Hi Emil, just touching base with you for this feature.

Also, any way to name/number the posts - So we can know exactly how many ideas/posts we have received over time.



Jacqui Blakemore

4 months ago

I think this is a great idea too as it makes it easier to check and review what's been logged.

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