Export/Download data from Convas


Henry Le

over 1 year ago

Context: Sometimes I want to export all data (posts, comments, files) from Convas to local files for backup or other reporting uses.

I would like to propose a button for this.

Thanks team!


Emil Bryggare

over 1 year ago

Good idea!

We can export each table from our database as a CSV with your data.
Is it enough with absolute URLs to the media files in the CSV or as images in a zip file?

Henry Le

over 1 year ago

Absolute URLs to the media file included in the CSV together with the posts would be great! Thanks Emil!

Henry Le

11 months ago

Hi Emil, just touching base with you for this feature.

Also, any way to name/number the posts - So we can know exactly how many ideas/posts we have received over time.



Jacqui Blakemore

8 months ago

I think this is a great idea too as it makes it easier to check and review what's been logged.

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